This too, Shall Pass

I don’t want kids

And it not because I don’t like them

I love children, and that is why I cannot have them

Because my children will be black

And there is not a damn thing wrong with being black


But this world is not ready for them

This world is unfit for their beauty and innocence

It is unfit for their grace and charm

And I am unfit for their love and affection


And Because I cannot bare to loose them

I will not have them

Maybe it is selfish of me to make such a decision for them

But I am their mother

And I know what is best for my never to be born children


My daughter will never know what means to hate the skin your in

She will not be taught the ideals of white beauty

Or revolt the kink in her hair

She will forever in my mind love her curls and complexion


My son will never be 1 in 3,

He’ll never know what incarceration means

He will not fall into the path that judicial system has set for him

He will forever in my mind be the apple of his fathers eye


And neither of them will know how much I love them

And how much I cannot stand to let this place hurt them

They say if you love something enough you’ll let it go.

So I have let them go


I am not strong enough for them

I cannot be the strong icon for daughter to look to because she deserves better

I cannot be independent women my son strives to find because I am weak

I don’t want to explain what racism is to them

I cannot explain why the world hates them, because I don’t know

I don’t know


I know why the caged Negro sings

It’s been a long, long time coming

But I know change gonna come

It’s just not here yet


I want children,

But I cannot have them



You need pictures, sent over text messages

You’ll take anything you can get

A arm

A leg

A chest

You beg like a starved animal for table scraps

But I am not spoiling owner in this exchange

I am food, meat

Cadaver, carved piece by piece

I throw myself away for you,

To you

What will you do when I’m gone?



Your memory escapes you,

As you text sweet nothings to another while I lye next to you in bed

I am not sure if I am your guilty pleasure or she

I with you and against you and with you

What have I done to me?



Take one Oreo

Twist the two cookies apart.

Lick the cream

What is it’s flavor?

Is it vanilla?

Were you looking for vanilla?

Ms. Pope


I cannot decide if I am love with Olivia pope

Or disgusted to see another strong black woman

Reduced to a sidechick on TV

For Miranda


You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can

And will be used against you in a court of law.

You have the right to speak to an attorney,

And to have an attorney present during any questioning.

If you cannot afford a lawyer,

One will be provided for you at government expense.

The Air


His hands fit over my ribs,  

It is terrifying and liberating,

Is this transcendence?

The Black object in the room


How to make Chocolate

  1. Take a bitter fruit

  2. Add sugar

  3. Over process it

  4. Sell it to white women

  5. Tell them it’s an aphrodisiac

The Mud


Why is so hard to say the things i mean?

How should I live within a black body?

How do I live free in this black body?

Sheer terror of disembodiment

The Fire

The things I say aloud are all that I ask of my body.

Like a prayer or whisper

Slow and soft and not meant for more than one ear


You are with me

And against me

And with me

There isn’t much left



while we are both still soft

And silent

It is all the things you ask of my body

and more



Flowers won’t grow

In this barren place

Dirt ain’t got enough of nothin’,

No mount of water

God bring rain
God bring rain


My cup runneth over


Pink Polyethnen sit cocked

On the window sill

Fresh ones don’t keep long ‘nough

No mount of sugar

God bring rain

God bring rain


My cup runneth over


Soot don’t have no place

in this house

No mount of bleach

Gonna clean this skin

God bring rain

God bring rain


My cup runneth over






Love thy Sinner


Father forgive me for I have sinned


Rags sit soaked in that basin

Acidic air burns every breath

Bleach makes soiled skin clean




Heat that burns

Thick thatched curls

Bleach makes soiled skin clean





Milk ash turns to dust

Fallen tasteless

Bleach makes soiled skin clean






Rich white cloth sit shoulder high

Crisscross Crisscross

Bleach makes soiled skin clean







Father forgive me for I have sinned

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