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I See You Now, I Hear You Then

The exhibition I Hear You Now, I See You Then serves to uncover, elevate and challenge the erasure of the labor of enslaved African American Women in the antebellum south from the contemporary architectural spaces and landscapes. These art objects refer to the luxury objects that were able to be purchased from the profit made from enslaved labor.

Each set of objects is tailored to a specific plantation home and site that is using erasure to profit from these places of historic pain. All the sites referenced here are presently used as wedding venues. It is only through erasure that such a happy event can be held in a space of such grand historic pain. 

It is through my own labor and making that I am combating this trend. By using a material that is so ingrained and socially connected to the Black body to make these objects I am not only re-inscribing the history of enslaved labor back into these sites but connecting the historic Black body to the contemporary Black body.

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