Born in and raised in Charlotte North Carolina I studied art and received A BFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2016.  My work is about inheritance, not of monetary value but the intangible things that came genetically and ethically from my parents. My race and religion (Southern Baptist) are the biggest influences dictating my viewpoint and place in America’s social economic class. A reality of a culture that idealizes a beauty that is not my own. The romanticism of  the “New” antebellum south, a reaching for an idealized Gone with the Wind/ Good ol’ Boys, in contrast to the reality of what growing up Black in the southern “Bible Belt” meant, as an outsider. These external factors have led to the way I perceive, actively seek out, question and struggle for reasoning with faith while reflecting on the realities of being a young black female in a culture that sees me as the Other.


Existing within a space that was built by, but not for African-Americans, surrounded by confederate monuments and memorabilia made my coming of age in the south difficult. This feeling of Other is explored through multidisciplinary means of Ceramics, video, and textile. Using vessels as vehicles that tell stories through the memorial of ancestry and conversation, that reveal pain and sorrow while holding on to promises, hope, acknowledgement, and recovery. Through implications of body and function I intend to start conversations about the experiences of brown bodies moving through white spaces. I want viewers to leave questioning the Otherness that is projected on brown bodies through the acknowledgement of past and present happenings of cultural appropriation, microaggression, and the left behind. I seek to create these moments by focusing on the wake of these happenings and how they are coped with and ultimately healed through Black communities, pop culture, and faith.


My work is a confrontation, a confession, and a honest open-ended declaration of what has defined the past and present, and what will define the future. Through the endurance of  monochromatic experiences by African Americans I am connecting the ideals and sentiments of the past to the present ways in which race, classism, and faith that affects me, as well as all of those coming of age in the “New” south.



Ohio University, Athens, OH— MFA

August 2017 - May 2020

Sculpture+Expanded Practice

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro,NC — BFA

August 2012 - May  2016

Magna Cum Laude

Dean's list 7 consecutive semesters

Chancellor's list 6 Consecutive semesters

Study Abroad Florence, Italy–Summer 2014

Mallard Creek High School, Charlotte, NC

August 2009 -  May 2012


Ohio University, Athens, OH — Instructor of Record

Function, January 2020 - May 2020— Instructor of Record

Critical Perspectives August 2019- December 2019—Instructor of Record

Function, January 2019 - May 2019— Instructor of Record

BFA Practicum, August 2018 - December 2018 — Teaching Assistant

Foundations area, August 2018 - December 2018 — Teaching Assistant

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond,VA — Teaching Assistant

August  2016 - July 2017

Figure Building with Andrea Key Connell

Intro to Ceramics with Magdolen Dykstra

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC — Teaching Assistant

August 2015 - May 2016

Ceramic I with Nikki Blair

Ceramics III with Nikki Blair


2019 CRSCA Discretionary Fund award

2019 Ohio University School of Art + Design travel Research award

2019 Ohio University School of Art + Design travel Research award

2019 International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award-

2019 Student Enhancement Award Grant from the Council on Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity at Ohio University

2019 I. Hollis Parry/Ann Billman Fine Arts

2019 Ohio University full Stipend and full tuition waiver  (Awarded $20,098)

2019 Best in show, Athens Voices, Dairy Barn Arts Center ((Awarded $250)-

2018 3rd Place overall Regular Style exhibition

2018 Graduate Student Senate Fall Travel Award Ohio University

2018 Anderson Ranch Scholarship

2018 GSS Original spring Works Grant 

2018 Ohio University full Stipend and full tuition wavier

2017 Ohio University full tuition wavier

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Corraddi Art and literary Magazine winner

2016 Carolyn and Norwood Thomas Undergraduate Research Expo 1st place


2019 Ohio University Summer Programs Coordinator, Athens, OH


2019 Arrowmont Pentaculum Residency, Gatlinburg, TN 


2019 Carrie Mae Weems Master class responding to her notes on Grace with performance


2018 Ohio University Summer Program Assistant Coordinator, Athens, OH


New York Arts Practicum, New York City,NY — Apprentice  

June  2016 - July 2016

Under Michael Mandiberg in the 5 boroughs of NYC. I worked under practicing artist Nontsikelelo Mutiti over the eight week period as her studio assistant. Together we made several prints in her series that were part of her collaboration with Simone Leigh's "The Waiting Room" at The New Museum.

McColl Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC —  Education Intern

June  2012 - August 2012 & June  2011 - August 2011


The Light Factory, Charlotte, NC —  Education Intern

June  2014 - August 2014

2018 Ohio University Summer Program Assistant Coordinator 



2019 Jewels: An Exhibition of Distinguished Alumni from UNCG School of Art, Gatewood Gallery, Greensboro NC, curated by Amy Purcell

2019 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture, Portland OR, Littman + White Gallery, juried by Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Alison Wong, and Melanie VanHouten

2019 Dinners Ready, Gallery Bang Bang, Nashville, TN curated by Pam Marlene Taylor

2019 Dangerously Close to weaving, The Rymer Gallery, Nashville, TN curated by 

Pam Marlene Taylor

2019 Athens Voices, The Dairy Barn, Athens, OH Juried by Brian T. Alloway, Karla Hackenmiller, and Joseph Norman

2018 Regular style, University of Montana, MN

2018 ​Veiled,  District Clay Gallery, Washington, DC curated by Kelsey Chase Folsom 

2018 ii,  Seigfred Gallery, Athens, OH

2018  Connected,  Blend Gallery, Grand Rapids MI  curated by E.J. Cobb

2018  Temporal and Corporeal;  A broad scope of Performance art,  Athens, OH curated by Jennie Klein and Courney Kessel

2018  Overture,  Trisolini Gallery, Athens OH

2017  Hope, Acknowledgement, and Recovery, The FAB Gallery, Richmond VA

2016 GreenHill Winter Show,  The GreenHill , Greensboro NC curated by Edie Carpenter

2016  Excerpt from the New South,  Hawthorn Gallery, Richmond VA

2016  A Small Collection,  The Collegiate School, Richmond VA

2016  Toast, The Depot, Richmond VA

2016  Senior Show,  Gatewood Gallery, Greensboro NC

2015  [RE]Generative New Media Festival,  Elon University, Elon NC

2014  North, South, East West What Grew Us,  Todd Art gallery, Murfreesboro, TN


Foundations, 2019, Pittsburg Performance Art Festival 

— Multi day Multi venue International Performance Art Festival in Pittsburg, PA 

Wade in the Water, 2019, in collaboration with Carrie Mae Weems Grace notes in the Forum Theatre, Athens, OH

Served, 2018, Weld House, Athens, OH

 — performance for audience in Weld House on Ohio University campus, Athens, OH

Foundations, 2018, District Clay Gallery, Washington DC

— in conjunction with the opening of Veiled curated by Kelcy Chase Folsom  ​

Sweeten to Taste, 2018, Seigfreid Gallery and the greater uptown Athens, OH

— in conjunction with Temporal and corporeal: A broad scope of Performance art

Failed Performances of Black femininity, 2018, Ridges Asylum

 — performance for camera in the abandoned Ridges Asylum Complex, Athens, OH



2019 Sculpture Magazine, September/ October, “Outstanding student achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award”

2019 August From Art Installation To Dance, The 5th Annual Pittsburgh Performance Art Festival Offers Up Global Experiences 

2019 August “Performance-Art Festival Returns, Relocates To Millvale”

2019 June 20 Nashville Scene, Dangerously Close to Weaving Is a Proud Celebration of Textile Art

2019 Athens Messenger January

2018 Temporal and corporeal Blog

2016 Carolinian Artist of the Week

2016 Spring Corraddi Art and literary Magazine

2015 Fall Corraddi Art and literary Magazine

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