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Negotiations between the world and me 

This series of work is an endurance and performance of hours of labor to make visible the work of Black women and the time involved in hair maintenance. In the act of going through the rigorous drawn out labor of making, I mirror the unseen skilled labor of Black women. Artificial hair integrations are installed to the body through various methods including crochet. The tools and techniques used in the method of crocheting are also the same tool and techniques used to make latch hook rugs by women in domestic spaces. Communities, relationships, and spaces are built around the Black women and their investment of time and money into hair. Hair can suggest the racial, economic, political, sexual. Black hair care is labor intensive. This labor is not optional and is often unseen, but this investment in hair is also an act of agency and presenting of black women. The act of doing hair in combination with agency can allow a re-presentation of the self to the world.

114 Hours of negotiations between the world and me 

114 hours of negotiations between the wo

32 Hours of negotiations between the world and me 

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